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5 unique products on Alibaba, which you can sell in India

Products and services are an integral part of the business and it won’t be wrong to say that the business revolves around these products and services. Alibaba is a place where you can find almost every product worth selling and making a profit. But as sellers, it is very important to know the best products that you can sell in India.

Here we have listed the best 5 products on Alibaba you can sell in India:

1) Power inverter


This inverter from Pass Power, China is one of the most profitable products on Alibaba worth selling. With a warranty of one year, this has a built-in-fuse and strong load adaptability and stability. The inverter provides over current and short circuit protection to avoid electrical appliances accidents. The temperature control cooling fan is safe and effective. It has high conversion efficiency and a fast start. All these features make it an inevitably good purchase for Indian customers. Although India is progressing still power cuts are somewhat frequent in many areas.

2) Power bankpower-banks-alibaba

Whoever uses a phone (i.e., everyone), knows the importance of power bank. No matter how much costly the phone is or good the brand is, the charge will run out. Gone are the days of searching for chargers and charging sockets. Power banks have really proved a boon for us. The power bank from OEM comes with a warranty of 12 months. It is a 4001-5000 mAH power bank with a Li-ion Polymer Battery. It has two output ports. USB charging cable is accompanied by the power bank. It also ensures protection against short circuit, over charge, over discharge, over current, overload, temperature, etc.

3) CCTV camera

cctv camera alibaba

Security is something that is not taken seriously in India unless something bad happens. But anyway prevention is better than cure. CCTV camera is something that can be useful to every household or workplace in India. Security is not only to put a check on thieves and robberies but to prevent unsocial activities as well. Cantonk Corporation Limited is a leading and professional CCTV manufacturer located in Guangzhou, China.
They produce and export CCTV Cameras and Stand-alone DVRs, which provide the most stable digital security solutions. The product being discussed here is indeed something that every place in India needs.

4) Hair straighteners

Shen Zhen Beauty Star Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is one of the most professional manufactures of beauty salon appliance and its hair straighteners are indeed one of the best products you will find on Amazon. It is also one of the best products on Alibaba, you can sell in India. This hair straightener brush has a plastic housing with polishing & shinning finish. It holds a golden Panel with decorated edges. There is an LCD display to show the temperature.

5) Air Fryer

Snacks are no more a problem in Indian households thanks to Air Fryers. They are easy to use and also provide a healthy alternative to the oily and unhealthy snacks haunting the Indian households for long. Such appliances are common in the middle-class families, rather the upper-middle-class families as appliances like these tend to be a bit on the higher scale of expenditure. Available in many colours, air fryers come with over-heat protection. With a capacity Of approximately 5.5L, this is one of the best buys.



So these are some of unique products, Which has large market opportunities,and you can try selling in India. You can either import them in bulk or dropship it.

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