Simplifying Wholesale Business!

What is is an ecommerce platform for wholesalers and manufacturers,Who can sell their products online in wholesale to retailers or Individuals. 

We have found many places in the country that are manufacturing hub to specific or select category of goods but the reachabality of those goods in the national market is very difficult that leads to low business and operating inefficiency of the business, here at we are working on creating a business environent that is benefial for the local businesses.

Goods manufactured in one part of the country will be easily available to each and every corner of the country and this is our main motto. Creating a cost effective and feasible environment for businesses.

Buyers in various sectors of industry can get the products directly from the manufacturer or trader that can be easily available to them through our trained logistics personnel, which reduces logistics time and the buyer can get the variety of products at the same place with 100 % quality assurance and minimum delivery time.

Who is behind is promoted by Alista Tech Pvt Ltd which has young and professinally qualified persons from the industry, having core knowledge of wholesale selling and ecommerce.

Our CEO Mr Vijay B Kuril is having vast industry experience in wholesale market with firms like Future Life Style Fashion & Retail, Mehta Garments , Banswara Syntex Ltd and the list goes on.He holds a degree in engineering as well.

Our CTO Mr Ankur V Dholakia holds a degree in engineering and has a vast experience in ecommerce sector, he has also developed many ecommerce platform that are runnning succesfully and generating a handsome business .

With our young and energetic co-founders we are committed to work towards a common goal that is development of our organization, sellers and buyers as well , giving them ample opportunities to grow their business with the help of modern technology. 


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